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Oral sedation is a treatment where the sedative power of several medications are used simultaneously to produce a deeper level of sedation.  All sedative agents are administered orally without the use of needle. Each of the medications can produce a profound sedation on its own; however, combining these medications results in a much deeper level of sedation and complete amnesia.

Oral sedation is ideal for more invasive procedures, such as extraction of wisdom teeth or implant surgery. Additionally, patients with higher levels of dental anxiety may find this form of sedation helpful with more routine dental procedures. Oral sedation can help you catch up with your dental needs comfortably.

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Dr. Hariri has had a post-doctoral training in sedation in University of Pittsburgh. He has been providing safe and comfortable oral sedation for over 25 years. Call our friendly and professional staff for a consultation appointment now at (410) 420-1000.

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