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Tooth colored fillings are modern marvels of high tech dentistry. Most tooth colored fillings are actually composite resin, a material something like tiny glass particles embedded in a plastic matrix. Many composite resins are light cured which allows proper placement and shaping before they are cured to full strength with a special light. Once cured, the composite is very strong, fully set, and ready for use. The composites are actually bonded to tooth structure which means they can be used in situations where other filling materials would not work. Composites come in many different shades which allows excellent shade matching with almost any color tooth. We now even have tooth colored composite fillings that can be used in treating the molars and bicuspids, teeth in the rear part of the mouth that we use to chew and grind food with. In the past, tooth colored composites would wear too rapidly to be used in molars and bicuspids, but today we have numerous composites that hold up well to chewing and grinding forces. Composite resins can even be used to repair chipped or broken porcelain veneers and crowns.

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