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Dental implants are the most natural means of replacing the missing tooth. Whether you have a missing tooth due to severe decay, dental trauma, advanced gum disease, tooth fracture or congenitally missing tooth, dental implants are often your best choice to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants will look, feel and function just like a natural tooth and without any compromises to your cosmetics or chewing performance. Implants are very reliable (98% rate of success) and are considered to be a permanent restoration. That means a dental implant can last for many decades without changing.

At Smile Makers, located in Bel Air (Baltimore, MD), Dr. Hariri can help you through all stages of dental implant treatment. First, you will be examined for a dental implant with a complimentary “implant evaluation”. If it is deemed necessary for you to receive a dental implant, Dr. Hariri will see you through a comprehensive implant procedure, in its entirety, in our office. This will eliminate the need to see different doctors in different dental offices. We use the most advanced and up to date digital CT- scan technology to help us in surgical placement of the dental implant. Once the dental implant is successfully placed, you will be fitted for a dental crown or dental bridge as needed.

Implant Placement Restoration - Dentist in Bel Air MD

Implant placement & CT scan for only $1,599

In an effort to make dental implants more affordable, we offer dental implant placement for only $1,599 including a CT scan, only for a limited time. If you want to take advantage of our complimentary implant evaluation or just want a second opinion, please call our friendly and professional staff at (410) 420-1000.

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