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Oral surgery is a dental discipline that treats many diseases, injuries and defects in the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and jaws. There is wide range of services that fall under the “oral surgery” category. Extraction of baby tooth, wisdom teeth extraction, biopsy, treatment of facial and mouth trauma, treatment of knocked out teeth and removal of cancerous tumors are examples of some of the services within this group.

Tooth Extraction

Dr. Hariri has extensive experience in oral surgery and tooth extractions. His experience ranges from extraction of baby teeth to the most complicated and infected of wisdom teeth.


Biopsy is needed to assess any unexplained oral abnormalities. If there is an area that bleeds easily, an ulcer that grows rapidly, or a change in pigmentation (tissue color), you should speak to your dentist immediately to discuss the possibility of malignancies.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It’s important to look into getting wisdom teeth removed before they become an issue. Impacted wisdom teeth may become painful, and they may crowd the rest of the mouth.

Tooth Extraction Dentist - Bel Air, MD

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Smile Makers Dental is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, such as digital x-ray and CT scan for fast and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Hariri has had extensive oral surgery training in addition to over 25 years of experience in the field. All dental extractions and wisdom teeth extractions are performed routinely and on a daily basis. If you suffer from toothache same day extractions can be arranged. If you’re looking for an oral surgeon in Bel Air, MD, Dr. Hariri is your best choice. Your comfort begins with your phone call to our friendly and professional staff today.

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