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Thanks to new dental technology it is now possible to complete a root canal in rapid, efficient, and virtually pain-free fashion. Root canal therapy is needed in instances that the nerve inside of the tooth becomes infected, usually because of the deep cavity, a crack, or from previous history of trauma to the tooth. Once the pulp gets infected, root canal therapy is normally the best method to save the tooth.

Root canal therapy is the process whereby the infected nerves from inside the tooth are removed and cleaned. Once the nerves are removed, a special root canal filling material is used to seal all the canals permanently inside of the tooth. Root canal therapy is able to stop pain and eliminate infection and the abscess that normally accompanies most root canal teeth. Following a successful root canal procedure, a tooth can provide comfortable service for decades. Most patients that have had successful root canal procedures later have difficulty recalling which tooth required the procedure to begin with!

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If you think that you have root canal related pain, we will make a point of seeing you the same day. Simply, by starting the root canal procedure we are able to relieve the majority of pain and help restore your comfort in a short time. Dr. Hariri has over 25 years of experience performing root canal procedures. We are equipped with the most modern digital x-ray and CT-scan equipment in order to diagnose your problem instantly. Your comfort can begin with a phone call to our friendly and professional staff!

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